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Re: Server updates

Post by TWC_BlindAsABat » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:46 pm

" It appears obvious to me that this game is made expecially for bombers."

Ground attack, whether in a bomber or a FB, certainly seems to be the thrust of the campaign. I am not interested in either but I check in several times each day to see if it is worth me actually getting airborne based on flying solo (there ain't often any TWC to fly with) against incoming bomber raids. It seldom is, so I seldom do.

I fly RAF and I have been told that there are three inbound LW bomber raids an hour, so I must be just unlucky. Personally, I am unconvinced that such a run of bad luck could continue for so long, but that is what the the man who keeps betting on red at the roulette table says. I have over the months suggested various tweaks that could be made to make life more interesting for chaps who want to fly fighters and for getting TWC pilots to fly together as a team more often. Such suggestions have either received the bum's rush or fallen on deaf ears.

So Ranger, if ground attack isn't your thing then, unless you are fond of flying fighter v fighter for the hell of it, you are probably out of luck.

Re: Server updates

Post by ranger01 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:55 pm

Hy FE. I have been out of home for more than one month. Thanks for your reply. I restart to "fly" a couple of days ago and , honestly I found the "Campaign" rather boring: hours flying following the radar contacts without meeting a single tail. or finding , always coming from 6, 2/4 spits/hurryes with a rocket in their backside! It appears obvious to me that this game is made expecially for bombers.
I am also on TS usually Axis- Italian pilots, but no radio contacts. I will try later on and to morrow afternoon (cet).
However thanks anyway for your efforts and achieved results.

Re: Server updates

Post by TWC_Fatal_Error » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:13 am

Sorry about the delay ranger in opening the mission server I think our lead programmer is out of Town for an extended period and the mission server is in his care the Campaign server is however in my care and it is active. We are currently testing the Campaign server with a new Tactical Scenario and only through teamspeak will we give out the password. This is so we can tell you what targets to try and destroy in order for us to complete the testing before placing the targets on the active list and opening the game to non testers. the teamspeak address is no port no password come join us.

Re: Server updates

Post by ranger01 » Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:49 pm

Good evening FE.
I'd like to ask you some questions in regards of procedures that I was inable to attain.
1- Timespeak: after opening "bookmarks" , add a bookmark, which field I should fill and what I should write?
2- According to what I read on yhe main site, the password for Server Campaign shoul be "longknife" but apparently does not work: I have been waiting for more than 5 minutes for the game to open ,,,but nothing. I red your update, but aside that the Campaign shoul be still plaiable. How?
3.When Mission Server will be updated?
Thanks for the help

Re: Server updates

Post by TWC_Piranha » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:13 pm

Thanks for the update Fatal.
Great work!!

Server updates

Post by TWC_Fatal_Error » Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:32 am

As you can see we have updated the server to test various new routines and targets it is our intention to have a new campaign within 3 months for all to enjoy some of the things that will be different are the campaign will be

30 days long only with a 30 day service period to readjust and fix problems so every other month TWC will be live with testing like is going on now happening in the month in between.

If you would like to test with us we ask you come onto our comms @ and communicate with us in our testing phase that way we can let you know what it is that we are testing and you can try and help us reach our goals and know the server works. The password can only be attained by asking on our comms so please do this and stay on frequency for instructions.

moving lines, changing wind and weather, moving very high value ground targets hard to find and well defended altering the course of game play. If destroyed these initiate the moving of the lines.

Large scale Targets within the major ports and cities sometimes as many as 35 targets must be destroyed to complete 1 objective requiring teamwork and perseverance.

Please enjoy our testing and give us a hand in bringing the war to our computer rooms >S< Fatal