Navigation in France

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Navigation in France

Postby TWC_BlindAsABat » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:34 am

The other evening I logged on and there were already a number of TWC pilots in the Tactical server. I asked what was happening and received the reply “Get yourself up to Hubby, jildi, jildi” or words to that effect. Listening to the Chaps comms it seemed like a good fight was going on with both a ground-attack and trying to fend off German fighters who had come to intervene. So I fired up the Pink Llama and then hit a serious problem - where the feck was Hubby? I’d never heard of the place, it didn’t show on my copy of a WWII RAF map of the battle area and the Chaps were clearly far too busy to answer questions.

Eventually, by zooming right in and scrolling around on the in-game map I found where Hubby was, but by that time it was too late for me to help. I actually got bounced by three of those 109s whilst I was en route (I nailed one and was sighted on a second when I was PK’d by the third who, to be honest, I had not seen). The moral of this story, for me, was spend time learning the battlefield in detail.

However, there is another point that occurs to me with regards to navigation in France. The aerodrome of choice when flying in the Tactical Server these days seems to be Dieppe. The preferred navigation method seems to be to fly up the coast until one reaches the appropriate river/estuary and then turn right to fly down said river. There is no doubt that this method is effective but there is also no doubt that it is slower than flying directly across country to where you want to get to.

To put these two points together I have spent and will continue to spend a fair amount of time flying around on my own just memorizing the battlefield until I know it well enough, if not as well as I know the terrain below which the BoB was fought. I have also spent a happy hour with map, ruler and protractor working out the courses from the, currently, most popular aerodromes to what seems to me to be, currently, the most likely points around which a battle is likely to take place.

So finally we get to the actual point of this post. Below is your own cut-out and keep (I have it sellotaped under the monitor next to the wing-span table) navigation aid that will get you from your aerodrome to the battle entry point. The course settings are all in degrees magnetic and accurate to the nearest 5 degrees. There is no point in being more precise because in CloD none of us can fly that accurately. Do I need to say that to get home from any of these paces on just needs to add 180 to the bearing given.

From Dieppe Aerodrome:
Abbeville Town 75
Hubby 80
Blangy-sur-Bresele* 95
Liegescourt 65
Amiens Town 100

From Poix Nord
Abbeville Town 355
Hubby 340
Blangy-sur-Bresele* 310
Liegescourt 0
Amiens Town 80

*Blangy-sur-Bresele, where? It is the town at the South end of the straight road that leads South from Abbeville through Hubby and sits on the river Bresele which is the river that flows into the Channel at Le Treport.
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Re: Navigation in France

Postby TWC_Fatal_Error » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:53 am

great post sir hope others copy and paste you hard work to the brainstem...

Many unheard of towns were the brunt of ferocious battles in WW2 and many famous towns became just rubble after concentrated efforts by both sides Caen for example. If you look at the way the germans progress on our maps along the coast lines from Abbeville toward Le Havre you will see many rivers. The enemy cannot cross a river! they must go around and that is where the small towns become areas of concentration.

As a pilot you had to learn the names of towns you had never heard of for navigational purposes these were taught and to pilots as basic navigation requirements. Pilots didn't sit around waiting in the bar for the next fight to happen they studied so when and I do mean when they got there asses shot down... they knew which way to try and go home where possible resistance was located to aid in this and how to report what they had seen and where it was.Those unable to read maps and know where they were became Squadron XO's hence Spooks position.

As our map rolls south more obscure towns will be the crux of the battle and will be protected by ever increasing german air cover. So as the map starts active things will change and the front lines will head south. So gentlemen you need to look at the map and at very least learn the rivers in from the coast from le Treport to Le Havre.
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Re: Navigation in France

Postby TWC_Birdtail » Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:52 pm

I too have spent time on the Ruler map checking headings from here to there.....who knew that I should have written them all down :oops: .....a helpful reference is that all the rivers from the coast run approx. 132 - 312...good to know.
For those interested.....Ruler map is and Pans has put together an excellent map of the rivers and is posted on the forum viewtopic.php?f=83&t=4123&p=21100#p21100
So, looks like none of us should ever get lost......
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