Public Note of Thanks to TWC_Hoss

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Re: Public Note of Thanks to TWC_Hoss

Postby TWC_Sp00k » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:37 pm

Medals dont grow on trees around here. But! I have listened to the troops. I have taken on board your insistence for accolades to be bestowed upon Pilot Officer TWC_Hoss and I have reviewed what medals are spare that are not urgently required by the TWC Officer group in future operations and I have argued your case to the TWC’s Commanding Officer. We believe we can come up with compromise that will please us all. Especially Pilot Officer TWC_Hoss.

It’s no DFC with bars, but the revered and rarely disposed “Chocolote Frog with ears”, should come close.

Congratulations Hoss.
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