Slag, Tubbs and Suren

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Slag, Tubbs and Suren

Postby TWC_Sp00k » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:36 am

I have your skins for your Hurricanes and Spitfires respective in the Forums Settings section under the whitetail Skin thread (stickied near the top).
While attempting to direct TWC_Gallows to his skin tonight, I discovered he didn't yet have full forum permissions (trial period thing - don't want the new guys going all PTSD on us by viewing some Targets posts) so you probably don't either (you don't have full forum permissions if your only seeing 4 sections of the forum for posting -There is quite a few more).

So, your initial skins are ready with instructions. Ask one of the other TWC (if I don't see you first) to help you get your skins from the thread and put them on in game.

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