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Re: track file pre-campaign

Postby TWC_Mackers » Wed May 01, 2019 5:30 pm

You can assign a button to hold while moving the mouse to get some funky zoomed in/offset positioned view. I have it as mouse button 5, I'll check the key name - it maybe the same name for the later IL2 series. You can also place static/tracking cameras in the mission editor for some extra external views.

I can't believe the comms wasn't captured for this particular flight - I did try to cut some from other clips - but soon got bored with looking. Despite that epic failure - I chucked this together.

I used the players view, as they saw/played it - so some of the views are fairly strange. I couldn't use alot of Fatal's views as the game looks pretty wacky past 90 degree field of view - things look bent or elongated/distorted. I should have ticked the box in the track viewer to create my own view point for some of the shots. This would have enabled me to standardise the times looking at each players plane, kinda like an intro to the pilots. Lesson learnt there.

I can't believe I didn't have the comms for it - fml. :lol:

I got to just past the take off, to the 'combat spread' before I realised. /o\
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Re: track file pre-campaign

Postby TWC_Sp00k » Thu May 02, 2019 3:37 am

The elongation appears to be their at home resolutions at play. I liked the short clips with player title intros and the same again demonstrating combat spread. You could consider adding to that same project length with other flight orientated ACM items including tac turns. Perhaps a seperate. Movie with actual combat ACM if length on the original becomes an issue.
Nice job. Editing is a thankless excercise :)
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Re: track file pre-campaign

Postby TWC_Mackers » Thu May 02, 2019 4:15 pm

Thats interesting, I thought the resolutions were not a key factor with a track file in CloD or earlier IL2 games - as it's a record of coordinates. I understood it as the track files play the coordinates using the viewers settings - as x 20 y 20 z 20 would be the same in game world point regardless of viewers settings or FOV. The elongated objects were when Fatal's pilot head position was beyond 90 degree FOV. Reference: straight ahead cockpit view and being able to see the rudder pedals - resolution would not change this - only the field of view would. I am probably wrong though.

The plan was to introduce the pilots, take off, form-up - head to target. Combat spread and attack runs could have been cool with the comms - followed by heading home/landing. Simple flight/sortie video. Next time I will record the track files with the original pilot views (no tick in box) plus sections where I create the views (tick in box). I did find it funny when you could tell someone was drinking or sneezing via head movements though hehe.

Tutorial videos are a thing, but I think external views and pilots keen on producing the video are required - not something that can be planned/executed with ease during a campaign session/environment. Simple things like creating flowing dimensional arrows or dotted lines easily as a layer on the footage is beyond me - this is something i've not looked into - I don't fancy doing it on a frame by frame basis - which is my immediate thought regarding a process for it. Even if you manipulated an overlay once every 30 frames - thats a butt load of work. If I had half the skill of Soviet Womble - i'm sure it would only be a 5 minute task.

Each failure is a lesson potentially being learnt.
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penguin st omar dunkirk

Postby TWC_Penguin » Fri May 03, 2019 10:54 pm

was awesome fun,look forward to the next one
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