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Re: Through the Lenses

Post by Mitchie23 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:13 am

TWC_Iron_Horse wrote:Hi Mitchie23, for me I will be using VR for flight simming and also Cliffs of Dover, there is another VR set that has my interest and that is the Samsung Odyssey+ here is a clip of it on You Tube and it appears to be visually better.


I couldn't agree more! plus, playing flight simulator games can be visually demanding, imagine emulating real-world aircraft flight! you really need to make wise decision on choosing the right one for you. Good luck, Iron!

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Re: Through the Lenses

Post by TWC_Sp00k » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:30 am

It’s like waiting on the Nvidea 1080ti video card. Everyone says it’s great. But something news around the corner. So you wait, and wait and wait. Then say “damn it” and lay some serious money down on the 1080ti, in the process now realising you have to upgrade your ram, the mb and buy another tower to fit it all.

“Whew!” You have it, it gorgeous! Practically have a new computer now. Your top dog in the dogfight. With this rig, your invincible. Next day the GTX 2080ti is out on the shelves and your brand new spanking 1080ti is now longer king of the hill. The guy with the GTX960 is still kicking your a55 and your samurai computer has developed a glitch which has you tearing your hair out

VR is like that. At some point tho you have to bite the bullet. Like the 1080, it does what you wanted it to and no matter what you buy or when you buy it, there is always going to be something coming that’s gonna be better and some guy with less who still kicks your a55.

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