TWC Recruits

Post here for consideration to join Squad. Please copy and paste recruitment form below with you answers to questionnaire

TWC Recruits

Postby TWC_Fatal_Error » Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:47 pm

Hello This is TWC Fatal Error your Commander if you choose to become a Wrecker. I am pleased that you have decided to Join TWC and once you have posted your 30 day tryout period will begin.This tryout is for you to understand what we are about,friendship, helping and teaching each other,working toward a common goal and having FUN!!
We ask that you give us your honest commitment and to apply the skills we try and teach all of our pilots don't be afraid to ask of us anything as knowledge is power and if we know we will tell you or try and find out for you.At your first request I will send you a private message with teamspeak information for communication this will not change when you become a Wrecker.....
We ask that you understand that not everyone is a fit for the Wrecking Crew but if you try hard, have fun and apply yourself then you will be very welcome! We are all here to help you and are all willing to teach what we know to make you a good pilot and ferocious killer in the virtual skies.
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