New Enlistment

Post here for consideration to join Squad. Please copy and paste recruitment form below with you answers to questionnaire

New Enlistment

Postby TWC_Pooly » Mon May 08, 2017 3:44 pm

1. Have you read and accept our Code of Conduct? *: Yes read and Understood

2. Current flight nic * and Are you willing to change it to reflect your acceptance into TWC: (after your 30 day trial you need to Reflect TWC_ in front of your nickname) then change it in the forum please: YES

3. Do you currently belong to a squadron? If so why are you leaving? * : NO

4. Age *:(We are adults and conduct ourselves as such over 18 only may apply) : 27

5. Favorite Country/Favorite Plane: Huri , Spitfire

6. Current Timezone *: GMT ( UK )

7. Preferred Mission Type (Fighter,Bomber,Ground Attack etc.): ANY

8. Do you have Mumble*: NO

9. TWC nic you wish to assemble: TWC_Pooly

10. Referred By (If no one leave blank):

11. Tell us a little bit about you *: i am ex army solider i have been playing with the server and you guys on and off for about 1 year now and i would liek t o commit to it and progress my skills
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