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Postby TWC_BOO-DOG » Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:39 pm

Just to add one more little nugget that may be common knowledge but i was damned if i could find it. May also apply to Track IR and will certainly apply to anything using Opentrack software.

It relates to the ability to reset the view for those occasions (not many) when the tracking goes out (coming back after putting down the headset etc).

My problem was that i couldnt centre the device in any server but ATAG without coming out of the game. The reason for this is simple. In all the other servers I launch the game first then select the server from the multiplayer menu. And herein was the error. I always launch the game as Administrator (right click run as administrator---purportedly to avoid crashes) whereas in the ATAG Teamspeak the game is launched with normal privileges (and no crashes) when you click on the hyperlink.

So.....dont launch the game as administrator as it overrides the priorities given to other programs also running (unless your patching up to TF Mods from stock) and Voila!

Now Reset works!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Go Me!! :-)
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