spitfire settings for beginners

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spitfire settings for beginners

Postby TWC_Fatal_Error » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:04 pm

This is a list of all the controls needed to fly and fight with all Spitfire models.

Supermarine Spitfire (all models)

toggle primary cockpit illumination
toggle secondary cockpit illumination

toggle gunsight illumination

course setter - increase
course setter - decrease

directional gyro - increase
directional gyro - decrease

toggle selected engine (ignition)

directional controls (ailerons, elevators, and rudder)

trim controls (elevator and rudder)

lean to gunsight trac ir Zoom control (Camera + and - field of view)

fire guns


boost cut-off

fuel cock #1 - toggle

increase mixture
decrease mixture

magnetos #1 - toggle
magnetos #2 - toggle

open radiator
close radiator

increase propeller pitch
decrease propeller pitch

raise landing flaps position
lower landing flaps position

raise undercarriage
lower undercarriage

engage emergency undercarriage system

wheel brakes


toggle canopy

jettison canopy

bail out (for those of you that trust your chute packer)

Many of these controls can be set to axes controls, and some are not needed for certain models.
Put your most used controls closer to your fingertips, for easiest access and better comfort.

As for takeoff procedure
open radiator full
switch on mags (both)
open fuel
close throttle to 10% open boost cut out
prop pitch to 80%
crank engine
raise throttle to 24% wait till engine water reaches 20 C
go full throttle to begin roll at water temperature of 20 C
if wind is present and it will be in ATAG
look for wind direction
trim rudder full right to counter the torque of the Merlin(once in the air retrim as you start to climb out at 160 mph)
face plane into wind (yellow marker boards)
45% throttle and slight right rudder
dont wiggle the rudder hold it steady
the merlin will pull you left if anything you may have to add a tiny and I mean tiny bit more right rudder
if at this point you feel you have made to much of an over correction cut the throttle and start again all over!
assuming you now have the plane in the direction you want and are speeding down the runway (or where ever)increase throttle to 110%
as the tail comes up off the ground the trimm will take control of the rudder you can ease off the right rudder you are holding
Do not apply lift yet look at the speed gauge and only apply lift at 90 to 100 mph.Caution at 120 knts the tires will blow causing the plane to nose over into the ground so watch your airspeed indicator!
at that speed {I USE 100} add the slightest amount of back pressure to the stick she will climb up into the air very smoothly raise gear trim rudder increase throttle to 110% and your prop pitch until the rpm gauge reaches 2800 rpm and you done :D

settings for good climb out will be prop 80
throttle 110
radiator 100
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