Recon of targets

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Recon of targets

Postby TWC_Fatal_Error » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:01 am

Our server is quite complicated so there are many targets that need recon so here is a target list of all valuable targets and there exact map coordinates for both sides Red and Blue. In order to find out what targets on the list the computer has deemed valid check the objectives in the tab 4 menu. In our tactical server the computer randomly selects which targets to attack and which are high value. So the objectives menu can change to any of the listed targets.

british objectives//////////////////////////////// all targets verified and in rotation
Estaple Dam AZ16.9
BapaumeRailYard BI 12.2
StOuenFactories200 Static200 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Central ja 303709.44 114018.36 30.00 BD11.5
BalognFuel209 Static209 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage ro 264484.19 188939.91 -30.00 AZ 19.3
BalognFuel183 Static183 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage sk 264997.75 189442.92 -30.00
BalognFuel184 Static184 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage sk 265014.00 190321.33 -65.00 Synthetic Fuel Depot AZ 19.2
BalognFuel181 Static181 Stationary.Industrial.Railroad.SmallFactory hu 266117.09 189160.42 -30.00
BalognFuel210 Static210 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage ro 265584.06 189884.80 -65.00 AZ 19.1
BalognFactories208 Static208 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central it 264741.22 189107.22 205.00
BalognFactories182 Static182 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Central it 264882.84 189731.27 -55.00
BalognFactories207 Static207 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central it 264006.38 189528.81 50.00
Balogn Factories205 Static205 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central ja 266164.53 189452.06 -180.00
CalaisFuel195 Static195 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage de 285554.75 217442.92 -30.00
CalaisFuel196 Static196 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage de 284978.97 215894.52 -30.00
CalaisFuel197 Static197 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage de 284895.91 216396.52 -30.00
CalaisFactories211 Static211 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central nn 285434.25 216613.48 110.00
CalaisFactories212 Static212 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central nn 284844.22 216881.91 145.00 //Torpedo Factory BB21.8
CalaisFactories213 Static213 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central nn 285192.03 217555.88 150.00
StOmar Fuel198 Static198 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage it 316598.75 189686.39 -30.00
StOmar Factories199 Static199 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central de 316152.94 189991.31 115.00
ArrasFuel185 Static185 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage de 350555.94 142083.58 -70.00 14.4
AbbevilleFuel195 Static195 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage de 285554.75 217442.92 -30.00
AbbevilleFactories203 Static203 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Central ja 284561.19 121754.70 0.00 BB12.2
ArrasFactories215 Static215 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central nn 352055.44 141243.58 -5.00
ArrasFactories214 Static214 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory.Central nn 351547.56 141933.94 -55.00

GermanObjectives ////////////////////Done denotes verified german possible targets
LehavDam AO 4.8 Done
DieppeFuel323 Static323 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LeTreportFuel186 Static186 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
BevauisFuel187 Static187 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel188 Static188 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage AP5.4 Done
LehavFuel189 Static189 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage AO5.4 Done
LehavFuel190 Static190 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel191 Static191 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel192 Static192 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage AP5.4 Done
LehavFuel193 Static193 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel194 Static194 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel201 Static201 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel202 Static202 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel291 Static291 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel292 Static292 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel293 Static293 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel294 Static294 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
LehavFuel295 Static295 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
CherbFuel296 Static296 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage .................................................................... Done
CherbFuel297 Static297 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
CreponAirfield298 Static298 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage Done
CaenSEFactories311 Static311 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C center area Done
CaenSEFactories312 Static312 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C dual targets 12 lower area Done
CaenSEFactories314 Static314 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C dual targets 14 eastern most Done
CaenSEFactories309 Static309 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory far east side Done
CaenSEFactories310 Static310 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory triplets Caen SE lower Done
CaenSEFactories319 Static319 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory 4 in a row northern most SE area Done
CaenSEFactories320 Static320 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory short pair near the northmost Done
CaenSEFactories321 Static321 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory furthest east northerside Done
CaenSEFactories315 Static315 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory 4 central Done
CaenSEFactories313 Static313 Stationary.Industrial.Medium_Factory far west Done
CaenRiverFactories304 Static304 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C on the river Steel mill AL02.1 Done
CaenRiverFactories305 Static305 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C on the river 1 of 3 lower west AL02.1 Done
CaenRiverFactories306 Static306 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C Center most AL02.1 Done
CaenRiverFactories307 Static307 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C North center AL2.3 Done
CaenRiverFactories308 Static308 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C North most AL2.1 Done
CaenRailYard Static302 Stationary.OXY Done
CaenIndustrial Static303 Stationary.OXY Done
CaenFactoriesNW325 Static325 Stationary.Industrial.Huge_Factory.Part_C Done
Caen Fuel Stores316 Static316 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage West Done
Caen Fuel Stores317 Static317 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage North Done
Caen Fuel Stores318 Static318 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage south Done
Caen Fuel Stores322 Static322 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage east Done
Caen Fuel Stores300 Static300 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage upper NE Done
Caen Fuel Stores301 Static301 Stationary.Airfield.Fuel_Storage upper NW Done

So if you would like to post any pictures of target areas to attack please do so here <S> Fatal
i7 2700 ,32 gigs, 4 ssd's ,1 7200 terabyte,Warthog,2 mfd's,EDTracker,60 inch hd, 7inch in mfd's 21 I-inc secondary display

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Re: Recon of targets

Postby TWC_Iron_Horse » Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:36 am

OMG!! You certainly have been busy Fatal, guess this would need to be high level recons as some of the flak is really bad low down.

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Re: Recon of targets

Postby TWC_Birdtail » Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:30 am

Lusthawk has done 4 or 5 of these recon reports
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Re: Recon of targets

Postby TWC_Foyle » Tue May 29, 2018 7:57 pm

√Čtaples Dam Seen Through a Blenheim Sight


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