Campaign Server

Campaign Server

Postby TWC_Fatal_Error » Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:37 am

TWC is testing our Campaign server and would like pilots to test and report on any anomalies found here on our forum. We are trying to put together a 24/7 campaign that works only with points both for and against so the lines advance.

This server campaign is based on the ground war.The Axis hold almost all ground north and east of the Somme and have at the start invaded in the area of Abbeville. A bridge head was constructed and the Axis came across in the night but our forces destroyed the bridge and now the Axis are stranded on our side of the Somme. The invading forces are trying to rebuild the bridge and supplies and vehicles are flooding into the area.Meanwhile the armored forces are heading to Friville-Escarbotin to attack the Allied forces there. If the Axis have more points than the allies the map will move further south and west with the next daylight spawn. If the allies hold or equal the points of the Axis then the map again rolls over to the original. This map once activated can not move north and east. During testing all phases of the map will be used but only for the testing phase.

Points are made by destroying fuel stores,Armor,Trucks,Ships,Supplies. Many of these are soft targets but also many are hard targets requiring a bomber for either side to destroy. Points are lost by letting your tanks ships fuel stores and supplies be destroyed!Skies are protected on both sides of the front and enemy fighters are prevalent for both sides. As are AI bomber raids on valued targets for both sides!

We encourage Squad participation but singles are welcome during testing to help us work out the bugs in the system.Get on Teamspeak and ask a TWC for the password to the Server and come help us get this working. More information can be found at our website Server thank you <S>Fatal
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Re: Campaign Server

Postby Dange » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:53 am

So when are the TWC missions going to be back on line as I liked what you were doing .

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