Post here for consideration to join Squad. Please copy and paste recruitment form below with you answers to questionnaire
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Post by Racha » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:09 pm

1. Have you read and accept our Code of Conduct? *: Yes.

2. Current flight nic * and Are you willing to change it to reflect your acceptance into TWC: (after your 30 day trial you need to Reflect TWC_ in front of your nickname) then change it in the forum please Racha (SO-B), Yes.

3. Do you currently belong to a squadron? If so why are you leaving? * :JG51 – everyone went inactive.

4. Age *:(We are adults and conduct ourselves as such over 18 only may apply) 21

5. Favorite Country/Favorite Plane: USA- F4F Wildcat

6. Current Timezone *: U.S. Central time

7. Preferred Mission Type (Fighter,Bomber,Ground Attack etc.): Fighter

8. Do you have TeamSpeak*:Yes

9. TWC nic you wish to assemble: TWC_Racha

10. Referred By (If no one leave blank):

11. Tell us a little bit about you *: Start with your actual name please
My name is Kyle Haney. I live in the middle of the middle of nowhere(Central Iowa) and have been flying combat flight sims for over 10 years now. Started on MCFS3. I play guitar, drums, piano and accordion and am currently going to a community college in my area. I usually fly the Hurricane these days.

12. I don’t have a facebook account anymore.

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Re: hallo!

Post by TWC_Sp00k » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:39 pm

Welcome Racha, TWC Teamspeak details are below, please join and you are welcome to fly with any TWC Flight and personnel. Look forward to flying with you. Introduce yourself to any TWC on TS so they know your looking to join the Squadron. (A couple are forum phobes. Glad to hear your interested in us.
Will chat soon (back flying next week) Cheers.

Label :TWC
address: twc.teamspeak3.com
Nickname: TWC_WhothehellamI
Server password: Spitfire1a

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Re: hallo!

Post by TWC_Hoss » Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:40 am

Hello mate. Just in time for the new campaign,
look forward to flying with you

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Re: hallo!

Post by TWC_Iron_Horse » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:57 am

Hi Racha, good to have you with us and look forward to flying with you soon.

Quite a musician by all accounts, a friend of mine many years ago played the drums and had his own kit so asked him if I could have a go. Boy, was it hard. Each limb has to move separately from the other and as I was flying gliders at the time my legs and arms wanted to move in harmony, just could not hack it though love to learn to play them now if only to annoy the neighbours!! :lol:

I used to be an optimist but with age I am now a grumpy old pessimist.

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Re: hallo!

Post by TWC_Birdtail » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:22 am

Welcome to the War....get on our teamspeak and the campaign server that's were you will find us.
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